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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tribute to my Friend and Sugar Bowl POW Days Skier...Mary

Volkl Dreams
By Bradley Meister

So, I guess this needs a little introduction.  Pizza means snow plow...and when you ski the Volkl Kenja skis, pizza is a thing of the past - especially for Mary in her Snow White Volkl Dreams.

Photo Credit:  Volkl

I‘m... thinking of skiing down the slope
To watch you go down fun places that I’ve been
And you probably saw the ski report
got excited, touched the snow and even felt invited

But you didn’t do the pizza down the run this time
You were trying to carve a perfect turn
To somehow ease your mind
Maybe you’ll tell me all about it when you're
In the mood to ski with me next time

She said she bought some new pink girlie pants
And also has black and turquoise colors
That she keeps in her extra stash
And now she bought a new plug-in helmet with her extra cash
Next she’ll use that extra cash to make those girlie colors match
With those Volkl Kenja skis

During the day she works in the Capital City and does the big number crunch
And then after work in Roseville I hear she likes to kick-box and even punch
But six am is just too early to start to your bureaucratic way
Why not stay asleep and just enjoy your perfect snow white Volkl day

Cause you didn’t do the pizza down the slope this time
The audit girl is trying to sharpen her pencil
And ride that downhill ski with a little speed in mind
Maybe she’ll tell me all about it when
She’s in the mood to ski her way with words on her Volkl dreams

On the weekends, she hits the belt room with her entourage for lunch
With Wynken, Blynken and Nod...who are part of a larger star gazing bunch
Their technical ski talk may be only a Red Herring
Because underneath, there is something about Mary
That must make them all so daring

But you should have seen her skiing with your own eyes
She was almost fully forward in her boots
And nearly touching the snow below her with her daisy dukes
With her upper body looking somewhat quiet
She has slowly learned to be inspired by the fall line
In her snow white Volkl dreams

There’s no more need for last minute bailing
She's down the hill and no longer trailing
Her entourage has finally stopped their wailing
Cause Mary's spills and thrills are not as hailing
In her POW Days Volkl Dreams

But just let me say that you should have seen her
Skiing with your own eyes
I was cruising down the tree line, and it actually caught my eye
Maybe I’ll see her next time, she skis outside
There's no more pizza down the fall line
The snow is always calling…in Mary's Snow White Volkl dreams


  1. Touching the snow with her daisy dukes!!! I guess she is really getting down in those turns to be touching the snow with her (short shorts) hip. Very cool. Great visual.

    1. Well, maybe I exagerated a little but I know in time she will get her hip way over and carve those sweet...perfect turns.

  2. Who is Mary? Does she still ski at Sugar Bowl? Is she a racer?

  3. I think she still skis at Sugar Bowl. She's not a racer but just a cool friend and an upcoming skier.

  4. Hey Braaaaaaad The mystery continues...who is Mary?