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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tribute to World Cup Ski Racer - Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion
By Bradley Meister

This is a small tribute to Lindsey Vonn who is a member of the US Ski Team and a World Cup Alpine Ski Racer.  Lindsey is a Three-time Overall World Cup Champion, an Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist and a World Champion Gold and Silver Medalist for starters.  As of this writing, she has 46 total World Cup wins.  We all know that Lindsey’s success is tied to her relentless work ethic, focused values and tremendous talent.  This is just a fun way to put some words together about Lindsey and her sponsor Red Bull.   
Photo Credit:  Red Bull

Out movin on the slope, my new race pattern is getting some early downhill action
But like Lindsey Vonn says, without hard work you can’t get no satisfaction
I was getting ready for the downhill racing season, and needed a little inspiration
I went to a race, and there she was, looking to make it victory number 5 this season

The Downhill Queen, the Gold Medal Supreme, the three-time Overall World Cup Champion
The world cup skiers are all around her, but none of them can catch her
So I went on over to the other side of the race to see if I could finally meet her
I said Lindsey Vonn, why are you so fast…
she said I ski the… Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion

Then Lindsey pulled me aside and told me a little secret, on how to ski a little faster
Put a little Red Bull in your mouth, and you’ll be down the slope before you know it
It’s unlike any protein shake or chocolate nut-filled candy bar
A few sips of this “Go Potion” and you’ll be carving some sweet new Lindsey motion
So forget about your worries and get out those 216 downhill skis
You’re about to do a new speed dance
called the… Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion

So I went out to the store and bought a big old can
And there was Lindsey Vonn pictured on the box, wrapped around that Red Bull jam
I got it home, could hardly wait and then drank it down without a notion
Then I went to the slope and now I understand exactly what she was saying

I used to back off when I would hit about 70 in my tuck, yeah I was kind of chicken
But now I feel alive, my GPS says 85, and I’m ready for some serious racing action
And as I go to sleep, I hear the words of the Downhill Queen echo in my head…
If you want to ski fast you know what to do
just fly the… Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion

That’s right…Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion
You know what I’m talking about…”Just point em”
Like straight down the hill…all out

So as I was getting ready for my next downhill race,
I bought a super sized case of Red Bull
I put a sweet wax job on my skis and then slipped on that spyder suit
And as I was inspecting the course, a gate judge says, "this one looks kind of scary"
Don’t worry none, you just sit back and you’ll see something new

I got in the gate, something started to brew, and all of a sudden
I felt the onset of the Lindsey locomotion
It started in my feet, then moved up to my head, I started moving my hands
Then clicking my boards and it felt like I was growing feathers

Well I flew out of the gate, I didn’t once hesitate,
I picked a good line and never got behind and this is what happened next
I flew over crazy jumps like I had wings, then worked the bumps
and tucked till I soared into alpine hyperspace
I nailed the course, it was such an adrenaline rush and in my blog…you know what I said…

Once you pop that cap, you had better be ready to ski fast
Cause there's no fooling around with the….. Lindsey Red Bull Locomotion

That’s right… Lindsey Red Bull your wings and get after it
You know what I’m talking about…”Just point em”
Like straight down the hill…all out

Thanks Lindsey!!!
2011 United States National Speed Series M5 Champion
Downhill and Super G